Section 1


1.   Mercator
2.   1:60 000
3.   1:40 000
4.   Nautical mile, statute mile, kilometre
5.   Area of coverage, scale, projection, reference level for soundings, standard of measurement; a sixth might be a note on elevations
 6.   Parallels of latitude
 7.   Meridians
8.   135 nm
9.   Compass, dividers, course plotter, parallel ruler, watch, hand-held compass, depth sounder, knotmeter, pencil and eraser
10.   Chart 1, NOTMARS, Sailing Directions, Small Craft Guides, Tide and Current Tables, Collision Regulations, local rules and regulations, Canadian Aids to Navigation, Lights List, Radio Aids to Marine Navigation, Safe Boating Guide
11.   To update charts and marine publications and especially to draw attention to new hazards
12.   Chart dealers, marine stores and chandleries, specialty stores such as dive shops, and government publication outlets
13.   False. Boaters should carry the LARGEST scale chart available.
14. 31° 15.5' S
84° 2.3' W
15. Any five of: safe route; shortest distance; crew capability; equipment; hazards; navigation methods; alternative routes and ports of refuge; channels, narrows and harbours; timing of departure, and arrival; enroute aids to navigation; tide and current; weather conditions.