Section 1

Test Yourself

These questions test your knowledge of material covered in Section 1 - Getting Started. Print this page, write in your answers, then use the link below to check your work. Save these Test Yourself pages and review them when preparing for the exam.

1.   What type of projection is the training chart #9997?
2.   What is the scale of chart #9997?
3.   Which scale shows the greater level of detail: 1:40 000 or 1:60 000?
4.   Put in order of longest to shortest: kilometre, nautical mile, statute mile.
5.   List five items that appear in the title block of a chart.
 6.   The imaginary lines encircling the earth parallel to the equator are called?
 7.   Lines of longitude are called?
8.   Two degrees, 15 minutes of latitude equal how many nautical miles?
9.    Name eight tools used in coastal navigation.
10.   List six official publications, apart from charts, used by boaters.
11.   What is the purpose of Notices to Mariners?
12.   Name two places where official Canadian nautical publications can be purchased?
13.   Boaters should carry the smallest scale chart for the area in which they're travelling.
14. Circle the location that's farther east:
42° 13.6' N
132° 41' W
31° 15.5' S
84° 2.3' W
15.   List five factors considered in preparing a passage or piloting plan.