Section 1

Getting Started

This section introduces you to the subject of finding your way safely along a coastline. It begins with some of the fundamental principles of navigation and describes how important marine publications and certain tools are used by navigators. The objective is to explain these core items clearly and in sufficient detail for you to be comfortable with them, and to know how to put them to use on your boat.

It should take about an hour to read this section and another few minutes to answer the Test Yourself questions at the end. Section 1 covers performance objectives 2, 3, 4, 5 and 15 of Sail Canada's Coastal Navigation Standard.

1.1 Introduction to Coastal Navigation
1.2 Latitude, Longitude and Nautical Miles
1.3 The Nautical Chart
1.4 Publications
1.5 The Navigator's Toolbox
1.6 Passage and Piloting Plans
Test Yourself

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