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Table of Contents


Instructions for Students on how to proceed through the course

Meet Your Instructors


Getting Started

  Introduction to Coastal Navigation; Latitude, Longitude and Nautical Miles; The Nautical Chart; Publications; The Navigator's Toolbox; Passage and Piloting Plans; Test Yourself; Answers


Navigational Aids and Chart Symbols

  The Canadian Aids to Navigation System; Chart Symbols;
Test Yourself; Answers.


The Navigator's Compass

  Compass Basics; Magnetic North and Variation;
Test Yourself; Answers.


Correcting the Compass

  Deviation; The Deviation Table; TVMDC; Practice Deviation Table; Test Yourself; Answers


Plotting Basics

  Plotting a Course; Distance, Speed and Time; Dead Reckoning and Fixes; Waypoints and GPS; The Log Book; Test Yourself; Answers; Step by Step - Dead Reckoning; Plot it! with Answers; Plotting in Action


Getting Your Bearings

  Bearings; The Line of Position; Two- and Three-Bearing Fixes; The Transit Range; Clearing Bearings; Step-by-Step - The Two-Bearing Fix; Plot it! with Answers



Practice Cruise

  Plot a cruise on Chart 9997



Tidal Waters

  Tidal Height and Current; Tide Tables; Secondary Tidal Ports; Current Tables; Secondary Current Stations; "Tidal Diamonds"; Practice Tide and Current Tables; Test Yourself; Answers

    Basic Coastal Navigation: EXTENDED

This is important bonus material beyond the curriculum of the Basic Coastal Navigation Standard. If you're planning on cruising where there's current, these lessons will help you to get safely to your destination!

Estimated Positions, Coping with Current and Leeway

  Plotting Estimated Positions; Current; Finding Set and Drift; Plotting a Course to Steer; Leeway; Step by Step - Finding Set and Drift; Step by Step - Plotting a Course to Steer; Plot It! with Answers



Glossary of Nautical and Navigational Terms
Abbreviations and Conventions
Sail Canada Uniform Navigation Symbols and Terms
13 Top Mistakes Students make when writing the Basic Coastal Navigation Exam
Bibliography and Suggested Reading


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