Section 5

Plotting Basics

It's time to put pencil to paper and start plotting courses. In this section, you'll learn the fundamentals of plotting: how to use the course plotter, how to plot a course, how to find a position by dead reckoning and how to keep a log of events.

The objective of this section is to introduce you to the basics of course keeping through learning about elementary plotting. The Test Yourself exercises provide practice at doing speed-distance-time calculations. Step by Step walks you through plotting a course and position. Plot It! lets you take charge and do some plotting yourself.

It may take you a couple of hours to work through this section. But take your time getting familiar with these plotting basics. They form the basis of all navigation techniques.

This section addresses the CYA's performance objective 9a. Bon voyage!

5.1 Plotting a Course
5.2 Distance, Speed and Time
5.3 Dead Reckoning and Fixes
5.4 The Log Book
Test Yourself
Step by Step - Dead Reckoning
Plot It! with Answers

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